Meal Kits

Over the course of our trips we have tried a variety of different food types. This includes commercially available freeze-dried food.  Last year, we purchased our own Freeze Dryer from Harvest Right. We had a number of reasons for purchasing a Harvest Right freeze dryer and this includes: personal preference, dietary restrictions due to allergies, and the ability to have more variety when it comes to freeze-dried foods.  We have tried various meals and foods in our Harvest Right Freeze-Dryer, some we liked and some we didn't.  However, the majority of the food we have prepared, everyone likes.

One thing that we are doing differently from other companies that provide freeze-dried food is to provide instructions for meal kits.  These kits will include all the details that you would need to pack their own kit. This is inclusive of a shopping list, preparation/cooking instructions, and instructions for reconstitute in the field.

Now where do we get the recipes from? Some are passed down from family members, some are found online or in cookbooks, and others we come up with on our own.  We take the recipes that we like the best, modify them for our dietary restrictions, and add the freeze drying instructions.  Some will be cooked at home and simply need to be rehydrated with hot water in the field. Others will be packed raw and cooked in the field.  We have been experimenting both options because our own food preparations also depends on the trip we are doing and the type of meal we have planned.

We have become an affiliate with Harvest Right and while they don't pay us to provide these reviews or meals, we do gain a small commission if you choose to purchase a Freeze Dryer from them.   If you decide to make the jump and buy your own freeze dryer, use the banner below to make your purchase.  This will allow us to make the small commission so we can continue to provide these meal kit instructions for you.


Here is a detailed review we have done on our Freeze Dryer.

Now for the Meal Kits:

We have also become affiliated with Amazon. This helps us keep bringing new meal kits to you and we make a small commission.  There is no charge to you when you use the links below to order your supplies.

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