The Backcountry Explorer is designed to provide people with resources to help plan their next adventure whether it is on foot, in a boat, on 2 wheels, or 4. We have gear reviews, meal kit recipes, and trip planning resources. For the gear reviews, we are using the gear out in the field and actually pushing the gear just to see what the gear can take. Our reviews will change over time to provide you with more information as we continue to test the gear.

When planning a trip, a lot of people don't really know how to plan a trip. So, we have added a trip planning resources page that contains packing lists, trip planning guides, and other resources so that you have the most successful trip possible. A lot of people don’t really know what to carry or carry too much or not enough. This is why we designed packing lists to help with that. These lists are compiled from years of experience in the backcountry, so you can be well prepared and carry the right amount of gear.

Now, when it comes to eating on the trail, a bad meal can ruin a trip. Trust me, we have been there. So, we are putting some of our favorite meal kits up. That will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare and cook your food on the trail. We will be mostly focusing on home freeze dried meals with our Harvest Right Freeze drier, but we will also be adding some dehydrated food kits as well.

We want to be your resource to help you get off the couch and outside exploring the great outdoors.

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